Why a Matte Black Finish is the Best for Your Water Bottle

Why a Matte Black Finish is the Best for Your Water Bottle

One of the most important aspects of a water bottle is its finish. There are many finishes out there, but if you’ve noticed a black water bottle is one of the most popular ones. Here's why.

Matte Black Water Bottles Look Great

The first reason people love matte black water bottles is that they look awesome! Matte black is a unique colour that can add some flare to your everyday carry gear. It also gives your gear a cool rugged look that makes it stand out from the crowd. A lot of people like to carry their favourite sports team's colours on their gear, but since matte black doesn't have any teams associated with it, it's perfect for anybody who wants to stand out from the crowd while still showing their passion for sports or other hobbies they enjoy.

It Helps Water Maintain Temperatures in Your Drink

A matte black finish on your water bottle will help prevent the temperature of your beverage from rising quickly. In fact, it’s been proven that carbonated beverages can stay colder if they are stored in a container with a matte finish as opposed to one with a shiny finish. This is because the surface of the matte black gives off less heat than other materials such as plastic or glass. It’s important to note that this only applies to un-insulated bottles; insulated cups and containers should have no effect on their temperature at all!

It Doesn't Show Fingerprints

Fingerprints are one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to keeping things clean and looking new. Luckily, matte black won't show fingerprints nearly as easily as other colours will! This makes matte black an excellent choice for anyone who wants their drink bottles to look nice for as long as possible without having to constantly wipe them down or clean them with special products.

It's Easy to Clean

One of the biggest reasons why people love matte black bottles is because they are so easy to clean. You can wash them in the dishwasher or simply use soap and warm water. When it comes to cleaning up after yourself, there are few things that are easier than this type of finish. This makes it perfect for anyone who travels often or spends time outdoors.

It Won't Be Too Flashy

Another benefit of choosing this type of finish is that it won't draw too much attention when you take it with you on your travels. While some people prefer colourful bottles, others like more subtle colours that don't stand out as much as other options might do. If you prefer something more subdued, then this is definitely something worth considering when making your final decision about what type of bottle you want to purchase next!

It Won't Fade over Time

Matte black paint is not just a colour; it's also a finish. It may sound like something out of an art class, but a finish is any protective coating that keeps an item from getting damaged over time. Matte black will protect your water bottle from scratches, dents and other signs of wear and tear. This means that you won't have to worry about your bottle looking old and worn after just a few months of use.


Whether you prefer a lifestyle of efficiency, or just want to be as hydrated as possible on a daily basis, a matte black water bottle is your best bet. The sleek, shiny exterior means you can use it just about wherever you go without attracting too much attention, and the inconspicuous texture of the matte black provides an added layer of protection against breaks and scratches. Throw in a few slick accessories to go along with your water bottle, and you'll look like the ultimate authority on design.