Skincare Routine Before And After Swimming

Skincare Routine Before And After Swimming

The cosmetic industry is very diverse. It has products to better your overall body health as well as make it beautiful. You can find skincare products, body care, hair care, and oral care items from various brands worldwide. Swimming is a fun summer activity embraced by both kids and adults. Just as you care for your face, it's essential to care for your entire body before and after swimming considering you'll be in the water. Pool water chemicals are somehow friendly to the human body but are not the best. For this reason, skincare is necessary. This post outlines a skincare routine before and after swimming.

Swimming skincare routine

Swimming exposes your skin to not just chemicals but the sun too. The harmful sun rays are a danger to your skin, and it's best to take time and prep it before going into a pool. Here's how;

1. Using a barrier cream as the first skincare routine

A barrier cream prevents chlorine from coming into contact with your skin directly. Chlorine is a must-have in pool water since it disinfects it and prevents bacteria, viruses, and other infectious components from spreading. Swimming with no barrier cream results in itchy, irritable, or red and dry skin. Additionally, harmful sun rays can cause skin disorders or sunburns.

Other than the cream, a water-resistant sunscreen would also come in handy. The sunscreen prevents the rays from penetrating your skin. Some also act as a moisturizer considering swimming leaves your skin feeling dry. Despite the benefits these products have on your skin, ensure the pool allows moisturizers on your body as, to some extent, they interfere with the water chemical balance.

2. Shower and oil yourself after the swim

This second skincare routine is as important as the first. Most pool areas have shower areas, so never leave without showering or rinsing off. The chlorine does well in the pool water and not your skin. Having it on your skin for a prolonged period is not advisable as it enhances the dryness. Use plain water or include a body wash or mild soap if you have any. The body wash or cleanser is meant to restore your skin's pH balance.

Once done, rinse off again, dry yourself and apply a moisturizer. The oil restores moisture and the skin's elasticity. Also, you can reapply sunscreen on your face or any other exposed areas.

3. Exclude air drying from your skincare routine

Air drying is a very common practice once you are done swimming. Truth be told, it feels good to bask in the sun as you dry and relax. However, dermatologists don't recommend it as it continues the drying process. Your skin may start to flake, especially with the sun and chlorine combination.

4. Moisturize regularly

Proceed with the skincare routine at home if your skin still feels dry and tight. No level of oil application is right or wrong. It depends on your skin and the type of moisturizer.


You can perform a skincare routine anywhere if you have the right products. Swimming is fun, so don't spoil the experience by welcoming sunburns, itchiness, dryness, and other effects. Use the right brand of products and ensure they serve your need, which is water-resistant and suitable moisturizer. Stick to a reliable routine unless a change is necessary or it doesn't work for your skin.