How to Keep Your Pressure Washer Bright and Brilliant

How to Keep Your Pressure Washer Bright and Brilliant

Did you know that when you use your pressure washer to wash your car, truck, camper, boat and so on it can get just as dirty as your tow vehicle? Your pressure washer is a powerful tool that helps do your washing. In the process, it’s important to ensure that it doesn't sabotage itself by getting dirty.

Keeping your pressure washer top grade as you use it day after day has advantages on its long-term performance. A dirty power washer can be a real downside to owning the machine. Not only does it make your job harder and take a bite out of your time, but unclean parts allow water to leak out of the system and make a mess.

So what's the solution? The primary solution to this is keeping your pressure washer clean. Washing your pressure washer may seem like a redundant task, but cleaning the outside of your pressure washer can substantially increase its lifespan.

How to Wash Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a helpful tool for cleaning your home or office. Unfortunately, over time soap scum and dirt build up in your machine. This can lead to rusting, clogging of nozzles, wear and tear on gaskets and seals, and overall reduced performance. To keep your pressure washer clean and running at optimal levels you should perform routine maintenance on it at least once every few months.

The best way to keep your pressure washer running at peak performance is to clean it regularly. But how do you go about doing this. To wash your washers use mild detergent and hot water, first, remove the nozzles by unscrewing them. Then spray the inside of each nozzle with a hose.

Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your Pressure Washer

The first step in cleaning your pressure washer is to unplug the electrical cord from the pressure washer, and drain the hot water from the washer tank by tying off the hot water hose and opening a faucet near where the hot water is sprayed. You also need to disconnect any accessories that are connected to your pressure washer.

Next, you want to clean anything that might be soiled inside or out. This includes the motor, spray tips, and lance.

Another way of ensuring that your pressure washer is bright and brilliant is by running warm water through the system as often as you can. This will prevent build-up that can affect performance, stability and safety for anyone using the washer.

To add a layer of protection, it's important to regularly lubricate your pressure washer. It not only gets rid of corrosive build-up and prevents existing rust from spreading it keeps your machine running smooth. You should also blow out any dirt from around the gears and bearings. Avoid using corrosive cleaners on a pressure washer as this may destroy parts such as seals and gaskets.

After you’ve finished cleaning your pressure washer and it’s time to put it away make sure there is no water left inside the machine, including in hard-to-reach places. Finally, make sure you clean the power cord's strain relief, as this part is more difficult to clean if you’re conducting these tasks in a normal sink.

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