Thank you, Danish Parliament!



With much joy and relief we heard the news from March 4th 2005 that the Danish Parliament obliged their Minister of Economic and Industry Affairs to ask for renegotiations of last May's "political agreement" on software patents in the EU Council of Ministers. However, Mr. Bendtsen seems to have only pretended to ask for a B-Item. The B-Item, if asked for at all, was apparently rejected with the vote of Denmark. On the same day, minister Bendtsen's website celebrated the denial of Denmark's request as a "great day for software developers".

The Danish Parliament questioned Mr. Bendtsen why he did not meet the obligation and he explained that there was no majority supporting his request. But according to the Council's rules it should be the other way around. There must be a majority to oppose the request.

Shame on you, Minister Bendtsen!

Shame on you, Council President Krecké and all the other political comedians who orchestrated the illegal adoption of a minority "Common Position" on the 7th of March 2005, a day of shame for the European Union!

Thank you, Danish Parliament! Others didn't get this far.

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